Who are we?

Emax Motorsport have been competing as front running racers since the inception of C1 racing back in 2017. The series we compete in are tightly controlled, livestreamed events with grids consistently above fifty cars with formats alongside Mazda MX5, Fiesta and Caterham championships.

Our racers and mechanics are always on the lookout for new fundraising opportunities. One of our rising stars, Murdo MacLeod, joined Emax for his debut race at the 24 Hours of Silverstone in May 2022 to raise funds for Cancer Research UK and pursue his passion for motorsport. In the end he and the team managed to raise £515 for the cause and finished 24th out of 60 cars.

What is
c1 Racing?

This popular form of motorsport is for enthusiasts who want to go endurance racing on a budget. Our team of six expertly prepared cars are standard first generation Citroen C1s with modifications to the suspension, safety equipment and tires.

The guaranteed result is close fierce racing for everyone, but on a budget.

Have you, your friends or colleagues always wanted to experience track driving? Our C1 trackday and experience packages allow passengers, novices or experienced drivers to attend a UK trackday and drive in one of our race winning cars alongside team drivers. We can offer tailored experiences depending on your needs.

What does a C1
season look like?


Snetterton - 5 Hours


Silverstone - 24 Hours


Anglesey - 5 Hours
Donington - 3 Hours
Portimão - 24 Hours


Brands Hatch - 3 Hours


Croft - 2 x 3 Hours


Snetterton - 2 x 3 Hours
Spa - 24 Hours

Where does
the money go?

Compared to other forms of motorsport C1 racing is relatively green. The Citroen's have a 1.0 litre, 3 cylinder engine that draws around 68 bhp, resulting in top speeds of about 100 mph. What ensues after mixing 50+ cars onto a race track is some of the closest racing motorsport has to offer - you can be a part of that.

Would your business benefit from our team, drivers or mechanics being at your event? We will happily attend and support our sponsors at corporate events and shows through the organisation of car displays, talks or team meet-and-greets.



Fuel £ 120
Tires £ 220
Brakes £ 75
Entry Fee £ 1,250
Transport £ 300
Hospitality £ 100
Mechanics £ 450
Car Service £ 250
TOTAL £ 2,765



Fuel £ 900
Tires £ 1,200
Brakes £ 400
Entry Fee £ 4,500
Transport £ 1,000
Hospitality £ 450
Mechanics £ 600
Car Service £ 500
TOTAL £ 9,550

What benefits
can we provide?


Tailored track day experiences for employees and relatives
Hospitality packages and garage access during race weekends
Provision of race driver packages for novices and advanced racers


Advertising of logos on our race winning cars and team apparel
Promotion and use of company products and services

Brand Growth

Development of your social footprint through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and our website
Team attendance and support at corporate events and shows
A consumer-wide conduit for fundraising and charity events

Watch us in action

Having expertly prepared race cars enable our racers to push to the max. Watch an onboard of our 445 car driven by Murdo MacLeod making its way through the field after starting from last position after a driveshaft failure. With the help of our strategies, Murdo managed to push from 50th position to 9th before the first pitstop at the Donington 3 Hours in June 2022.

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